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Did you know that Scotland produces some of the world’s best gin? Some of the industry’s most iconic, sought-after bottles are created in Scottish distilleries. But despite this, people don’t think of Scotland as a gin-producing hub – possibly due to the term ‘London dry’ (which is actually a style of gin-making and has nothing to do with provenance).

Scottish gins are characterised by refined flavours that come from local botanicals. Juniper, the main flavouring of most gins, is native to Scotland. Other local botanicals such as pine, elderflower, honeyberry and bramble encapsulate a taste of the Scottish wild.

Although lots of big distilleries call Scotland home (the country produces over 70% of the UK’s gin), there are a multitude of small craft producers here too. And we may be biased here, but the best gins Scotland has to offer are made in small batches, by family-owned distilleries.

At Roehill Springs Distillery, we’re a prime example of that. Our premium handcrafted gins each have their own characteristics and unique taste and are made with locally sourced botanicals and pure Scottish spring water. Each bottle is made from start to finish on our family farm, by a pair of Morrison family hands.

We believe that the key to good gin is attention to detail. From the distillation process to the botanicals we select, every aspect is carefully considered – so that you can experience a perfectly balanced flavour profile in every sip. So, what sets our gin apart from the rest?

Our story: what makes our gins so special?

Roehill Springs Distillery is a family-owned business, located on a third-generation family farm near Keith, on the ‘nose’ of Scotland. Every process of our craft is done by hand and carried out by family members living on the farm. Distillation, bottling, labelling, packaging – everything is done right here, with meticulous attention and care.

The distillery is run by the Morrison family, headed by husband and wife team Duncan and Shirley Morrison. Duncan is a master distiller, who selected the botanical blends that make up the different gins at Roehill Springs Distillery. Having over a decade of experience, he has crafted countless different types of gin using unique botanicals and flavours – but only the best make it to our shop. By constantly experimenting with new blends and flavour profiles, Duncan can create some really special artisanal products that always surprise his customers.

Roehill Springs Distillery produces small batches of premium handcrafted gin. Distilled inside traditional copper pot stills, the process maintains the essence of the locally sourced botanicals that make up the aromas of each bottle. We use our own natural spring water to create a smooth, pure spirit. 

The logo of a roe deer was chosen due to the local area’s abundance of beautiful free-roaming deer. Our distillery aims to capture the animal’s elegance and grace both in our bottle design and end product.  

Explore our Artisan Gins

Roehill Springs Distillery currently sells four kinds of premium gin, varying in their aromas and botanical profile. Every gin lover knows that every gin is different – but small-batch gin is where you can find the most exciting and unusual flavours. Here are the varieties currently on offer:

Gin Nº 5

Gin Nº 5 carries the essence of classic London dry gin botanicals. Juniper berries lead the aroma profile, followed by zingy citrus and sweet floral notes from the angelica root. It’s a classic, high-quality crowd-pleaser, perfect for making easy gin cocktails that only require the balanced quality of a London dry. It has a smooth mouthfeel from the copper pot distillation, giving it a light and fruity taste. 

Navy Strength

Navy Strength is a powerful gin, with bold flavours with a highly aromatic botanical blend. It’s a high-strength gin, with a mighty ABV of 57% (compared with Nº 5’s 43%). In addition to the aroma of juniper berries and angelica roots, Navy Strength also carries notes of orange peel and pink peppercorn. It’s earthy, spicy and bittersweet, perfect for a gin and tonic with a little kick. 

This is a perfect gin for making creative cocktails, where its flavour profile can stand out and merge with the correct additional ingredients. 


The best gin for party fun. Our Blue Gin is a little bit of magic – it turns purple and pink when blended with an acidic mixer-like tonic! With a fruity and citrusy aroma profile, this gin is easy on the juniper, so it’s lighter on the palate. It has a slight hint of spice, finishing with a lingering sweetness with a hint of butterscotch.

The colour change comes from the butterfly pea flower, creating a uniquely mesmerising experience. A bottle of Blue Gin is one of the best gifts for gin lovers you can get – it’s perfect for creating beautifully eccentric gin cocktails with light, citrussy flavours. 

Honeyberry Gin 

Honeyberry Gin captures the natural sweetness of the honeyberry fruit – with no sugar or sweeteners added. The honeyberry, also known as the fly honeysuckle, is a delicious, little-known berry that’s grown here in Scotland. We infuse our gin with whole, ripe, juicy honeyberries, creating unique flavours that are perfect for creative cocktails.

The result is a flavoured gin with a wonderfully fresh, clean, tart-yet-sweet finish, and a beautiful mouthfeel. The hint of piney juniper aromas contribute to the complexity of this gin. 

More gifts for gin lovers 

In addition to our bottles of premium gin, why not make a gin lover’s gift that extra bit special? We’ve got a few extras that you can add to your gift, that are likely to last a little longer than our gin!

A firm favourite is our balloon glass, perfect for serving bin gin tonics with plenty of ice. The shape of the glass traps the aromas inside and allows you to hold your G&T without warming it. We also have a gin and tonic-scented candle, which carries notes of orange peel and leaves a beautifully refreshing smell in the house. And lastly, our wishbone-shaped keyring comes complete with a pound-shaped trolley token, perfect for use in supermarkets or gym lockers. 


We sell all our gins online, where they’ll be delivered straight to your doorstep! But if you prefer seeing things in person, you can find Roehill Springs Distillery gins in many stores in the northern parts of Scotland. Since we own a small-batch production, we are still growing to other parts of the country. Check out our stocklist online and see which one is closest to you.  

Try Roehill Springs Distillery artisan gin today

Now that you’ve learned more about our history and products, it’s time to invest in the best Scottish gin on the market. A bottle of handcrafted, artisanal gin is an ideal gift for those who love to indulge in this special spirit, and ours certainly won’t disappoint.

Check out our product listings to read more about each of our gins’ characteristics and flavour profiles. As a small, family-run business, your interest in artisanal distilled gins means the world to us!

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